40 years ago, the treatment of Women in the workplace was the material that comedies thrived on. The film 9 to 5 used humor to highlight workplace harassment & discrimination, & I'm here for it.

What I'm not here for, is that 20 years after that films release, I was still having conversations with coworkers, while they were having them with my tits.

40 years later, and I'm called a C*NT and B*TCH, right here on LinkedIn.

We've come a long way, but CLEARLY, we have a long way to go!

I think Dolly's character says it best in the film when she's confronting her harasser...

"I have looked the other way, because I need this job".

Haven't we all experienced this? Whether a woman, BIPOC, and/or a member of LGBTQ community, we've all said this and endured it, maybe more than once... maybe you're experiencing this now.

Today's episode of Not the HR Lady & our live after party, is all about DEI...

Join Justin & I at 7pm CST with Alan Ibbotson (He/Him)Loren Bornstein (he-him/they-them)Janelle Benjamin, B.A., J.D. (she/her), and Mike Pennicooke MInstLM.

Let's continue to f*ck up the world of work... making it safe, inclusive, rewarding and free from BS.

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